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Jake's Story: £1.5.k awarded after a catheter tip was left in-situ

Jake was awarded £1.5k in damages after hospital staff negligently left the tip of a catheter inside his bladder, causing severe urinary tract problems.


Jake attended a hospital in relation to urinary problems. Hospital staff made several attempts to fit a urethral catheter, but were unsuccessful, and so fitted a supra-pubic catheter. Following the removal of this catheter, Jake experienced a number of urinary tract symptoms.

These included intermittent dysuria, low flows, shooting and burning pains, and frequent bed wetting at night. He was unable to engage in his usual training regime, and had to refrain from having sexual relations due to the pain.

A few months later, a locum consultant urologist suggested his ongoing problems might be the result of a urethral stricture. A flexible cystoscopy was performed, which confirmed that there was no urethral stricture.

Unexpectedly, however, the cystoscopy revealed that inside the bladder was the tip of a Bonnano catheter; it had been left in when the catheter was removed. The remnant of the catheter was removed during the flexible cystoscopy, and Jake's problems resolved a few weeks later. 

Establishing liability and settling the claim

A letter of claim was submitted to the Defendant Hospital Trust, who admitted liability. Following negotiations, our client received £1,500 in compensation in a full and final settlement of his claim.

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