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Claim Against GP Practice for Incorrect Prescription of Medication

Alison Ainsley acted on behalf of a client (C) in a case involving injury caused by the incorrect prescription of medication by C’s GP. C became a new patient at her new local Practice in May 2012. At the time she was in receipt of regular/repeat prescriptions which had first been prescribed in September 2011. These were continued at the new Practice. The local hospital provided the prescription and details of the doses to the G.P. Practice.

In April 2014 C attended an appointment at the Hospital Clinic, at which time it was discovered that she had been receiving incorrect medication via her GP for approximately 2 years. The hospital advised the G.P. of the situation and C made a complaint against the G.P. surgery. The G.P. surgery offered an apology and explained that an Office Administrator had entered incorrect information for the prescription on to the Practice’s computer system. Unfortunately the administrative error did not end there and the next prescription was dispatched to C and again she received the incorrect medication. C was, by this time becoming anxious and worried about the systems in place, her condition and whether there had been any affect on her short, medium or long term from the incorrect medication and when matters would be resolved. She attended the Haematology Department for blood tests. Liver biochemistry revealed no features of toxicity at the testing but C remained anxious, concerned and upset and was referred for counselling.

Alison quickly entered into negotiations with the Medical Defence Union, acting on behalf of the GP practice, and recovered compensation for the client in the sum of £5,000.00 on the basis that she had had to undergo unnecessary testing and psychological counselling as a result of the errors on the part of the G.P. surgery.

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