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Failure to Treat Pressure Wound Correctly

In June 2008, our client (C) was admitted to hospital where he remained until October 2008. During that time there were failures to undertake pressure ulcer risk assessments in accordance with NICE Guidelines and Trust Policy; there was a failure to properly assess C and his risk of developing pressure ulcers; there was a delay in providing appropriate equipment; there was a failure to carry out regular skin inspections or positional changes post operatively; the staff used band lifts resulting in failures to the Claimant; no referrals were made to the Tissue Viability Nurse at the appropriate time. In addition there were failures to advise medical staff during the Claimant’s admission that there were changes in the skin appearance; there were failures to complete adequate discharge arrangements. C was readmitted to the same hospital in November 2008. Again there were repeated failures by the nursing staff to undertake pressure ulcer risk assessments; provide appropriate pressure relieving equipment; failure to provide regular positional changes or skin inspections; failure to contact a Tissue Viability Nurse and failure to advise medical staff of changes in the Claimant’s lower limb. Similar breaches of duty occurred on a further admission in late 2008.

As a result C developed pressure ulcers to his heel and sacrum that would not have occurred had the Defendant Hospital Trust taken appropriate measures. The use of band lifts increased the risk of shearing and friction to C’s vulnerable skin and but for the use of this lift damage would not have occurred. C suffered a below knee amputation and instructed Alison Ainsley of our firm to pursue a claim on his behalf against the Hospital Trust. The District Nursing Team formed part of the Hospital Trust and, Alison raised allegations against the District Nursing Team similar to those against the Hospital Trust. Partial admissions were made by the Hospital Trust. Further evidence was obtained on behalf of C to further support his case. A Vascular expert as well as a Nursing expert reported. An overall settlement was agreed in the sum of £200,000 which C was extremely happy with.

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