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Steve’s Story: £300,000 awarded following missed diagnosis

Our client Steve* obtained £300,000 in damages after a missed diagnosis left him with serious ongoing spinal symptoms.

In early August 2011, Steve became unwell with symptoms including fever, vomiting and diarrhoea. He was assessed by his GP and advised that he may have developed a bacterial infection. Steve’s symptoms didn’t get any better so he was admitted to hospital in the second week of August.

Later, Steve was discharged from two hospitals on the same day with diagnoses of possible diverticulitis and pneumonia. However, by mid-September his condition had deteriorated further and he was admitted to hospital complaining of abdominal pain radiating to his back.

A couple of days later, a CT scan revealed a right anterior paravertebral mass and a diagnosis of paravertebral abscess with osteitis or discitis was made. Unfortunately, Steve had to stay in hospital and by early October was complaining of back and leg pain, pins and needles in his feet and bilateral paraesthesia. A few days later, Steve was unable to pass urine and had reduced mobility with weakness and numbness in the right leg.

Sadly, Steve’s condition continued to deteriorate and so he agreed to undergo spinal decompression surgery.

As Steve was concerned that there had been a delay in diagnosing and treating his condition, he contacted Longden Walker and Renney seeking legal advice.

A team of specialist solicitors, led by Alison Ainsley, investigated his treatment by obtaining copies of his medical records, collecting detailed witness evidence, and getting expert input from independent medical professionals.

On Steve’s instructions, the Defendant Trust was contacted with allegations that his staphylococcus infection and spinal abscess should have been diagnosed sooner and that, with proper care and treatment, he would have recovered without the need for surgery and would have been left with some non-disabling back pain but no neurological symptoms.

The Defendant Trust admitted that it had not provided adequate treatment and agreed to settle Steve’s claim on a basis whereby he received damages of £300,000.

If Steve’s story of clinical negligence is similar to something you or someone you know has experienced, then contact our team of solicitors on 0191 5666 900 or fill in the no obligation enquiry form.

*Not our client's real name.

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