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Esther's Story: Failure to Prevent and Treat Pressure Sores

£5,000 damages were recovered after “Esther”, an elderly patient living in a care home, received substandard care leading to pressure sores which later resulted in her death.

Esther’s daughter contacted Longden, Walker and Renney with concerns that her mother had developed pressure ulcer damage to her legs after a cast fitting by Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS trust. Documentation was provided to us by Esther’s daughter, indicating concerns had been raised by the Coroner about the fitting of the cast that caused pressure sores and later led to her death from sepsis.

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Longden, Walker and Renney contacted Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hospital inviting them to make admissions and also notified the NHS Litigation Authority, who later denied there had been any substandard treatment. The NHSLA also claimed that Esther’s ulceration would have developed, even if the cast and skin integrity had been reviewed earlier.

With such denials, Longdens obtained Esther’s medical records, a witness statement from her family and full documentation from the Coroner and Local Authority. Clinicians who attended Esther during her final admission were shocked at the extent of the pressure ulcer damage. There was also a review involving various agencies following Esther’s death as to whether she had suffered as a result of neglect. It was later found that she was subject to substantiated neglect.

After various medical reports and a conference involving an expert nurse, the family of Esther instructed Longden’s to make a settlement proposal seeking damages of £5,000. The offer was subsequently accepted following negotiations in which the defendants requested that our client accepted a lower settlement offer of £4,500.

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*Esther is a fictional name for a real client, used to protect her anonymity.