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Failure to Provide Adequate and Timely Treatment for Lacerations to Forehead at Cumberland Infirmary

Failure to Provide Adequate and Timely Treatment for Lacerations to Forehead at Cumberland Infirmary

£1,750.00 damages were recovered from North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust after our Client received substandard medical treatment in Accident & Emergency, where he received treatment for lacerations to his forehead. The clinicians failed to clean his wounds in accordance with proper standards and this caused him to develop scars with a blue appearance, which subsequently required further surgery.


Our Client attended Accident & Emergency at Cumberland Infirmary on 16 June 2011. He complained that he had fallen, collided with a stationary car and suffered a head injury.

Our Client was observed to have two large lacerations to his forehead and one was approximately 2 inches in length.

The team in Accident & Emergency had difficulty ensuring that our Client received attention from an appropriate specialist. After around 5 hours and 30 minutes, a Maxillofacial Specialist attended and attempted to clean the wound.

Our Client was sent home, having been given pain relief and undergone a wound closure procedure.

The stitches were removed from our Client’s forehead on 23 June 2011. He subsequently returned to his GP complaining that his scar was blue in colour. The GP noted that the problem was not improving, described it as having the appearance of tattooing. The GP referred our Client to local Plastic Surgeons.

Our Client met with a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the University of North Durham on 18 October 2011. The Surgeon arranged for a procedure to take place whereby the scars were revised.

The scar revision procedure took place on 28 January 2012. Our Client reports that the cosmetic result was excellent and the tattooing has been resolved. Our Client was therefore discharged.

 Conduct of the Case

John Lowther of Longden Walker & Renney was instructed to investigate the claim. Our Mr Lowther obtained medical records and prepared a witness statement.

Initial guidance was obtained from an expert Plastic Surgeon, who indicated that our Client had received substandard treatment.

Mr Lowther wrote to the Defendant and invited it to make admissions, in the hope of avoiding the expense of further investigations and in order to expedite settlement.

The Defendant denied the allegations and invited our Client to withdraw his claim.A full expert report was obtained and a further, more detailed letter of claim was sent to the Defendant, along with a copy of the report.

The Defendant accepted our Client’s settlement proposal.

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