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Hannah's Story: Compensation for nerve damage to arm

Our client Hannah received £10,000 in a clinical negligence claim after suffering nerve damage to her arm when having blood taken at her local GP practice.

Hannah was told by a nurse who had taken her blood that she had hit a nerve in the arm. She was in immediate pain and over the next few days and weeks, her symptoms included pain and loss of sensation in all 4 fingers of her right hand.

Initially, Hannah was told it would take her 6 weeks to recover, but when symptoms did not improve, she was referred to hospital for tests that confirmed a median nerve injury in her arm. Eventually, she underwent surgery to repair the damage to her right median nerve, but was left with a significant surgical scar as well as some permanent although much reduced symptoms.

Medical evidence was obtained from a nurse practitioner as to whether the nurse taking blood had been negligent when doing so in hitting her median nerve. The medical report was supportive of this and a further report was then obtained from a neurologist to comment on causation.

Evidence from the neurologist was that as a result of the negligence, Hannah had suffered median nerve damage in her arm, and that the needle had in fact sliced into the median nerve causing neuroma to form, leading to her symptoms.

A letter of claim was sent to the relevant Hospital Trust responsible for the nurse and liability was denied. Proceedings were eventually issued against the Trust, who continued to deny liability. Further evidence had to be obtained in the form of MR scans of both Hannah’s arms to check the anatomy of them and whether there was anything unusual. The MR scans showed that there was nothing unusual about the position of the median nerve in either arm which was therefore supportive of the claim.

A plastic surgeon’s report was commissioned to comment on the very significant surgical scarring that Hannah had been left with. He confirmed that revision surgery would not be recommended in this case as it would not improve the scarring.    

The Defendants then made an offer of £5,000 to settle the claim. This offer was rejected and we carried on negotiations with the Defendant who eventually increased their offer to £10,000, which was accepted by Hannah on our advice.

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