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Kelly's Story: Negligence Claim Against Southend University Hospital

£2,000 compensation was recovered in a claim against Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Damages were obtained for Kelly who attended A&E with a laceration to the back of the head and received inappropriate treatment.

The Defendant accepted that they should have had ensured the wound was cleaned, arranged to give prophylactic antibiotics and made arrangements for a Consultant to stitch the wound shut. Instead, the wound was closed with glue. The Defendant accepted that glue should not have been used to close such a wound, as the primary injury had occurred more than 6 hours before treatment. Kelly suffered with an infected wound, required further treatment and was ultimately left with a small bald patch and scar on the back of her head.

Successful Claim for Damages

Kelly instructed Longden Walker & Renney to seek damages. Our Mr Lowther obtained the relevant medical records, complaint correspondence and a witness statement. On the basis of this evidence, he contacted the Defendant seeking admissions.

The Defendant made admissions and settlement negotiations commenced. We sought £2,000 on behalf of our client, Kelly. The Defendant initially refused to agree to this and proposed settlement at £1,000. Further negotiations took place and the Defendant agreed to settle at £2,000. The case was settled without the need to go to Court and to the client’s satisfaction.

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