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Liam’s Story: Compensation for injury caused by shoulder surgery

Our client Liam was rewarded £9,000 in damages after he had suffered from injury to his right shoulder during surgery.

After Liam had been given general anaesthetic, he was placed on an operating chair and it appeared that the mechanism locking the part of the chair supporting his upper body and head failed, causing him to fall back suddenly and violently which in turn, caused his neck to overextend.

Subsequently, he suffered discomfort and stiffness in his neck with reduced range of movement. He underwent physiotherapy and a massage, and later an x-ray to his cervical spine. This showed degenerative wear and tear in his neck. Liam then consulted a neurosurgeon and underwent facet joint injections to his cervical spine.

The defendants Solicitors instructed for the potential defendant, were very slow in responding to the letter of the claim, but eventually liability was admitted subject to medical causation being proven.

A consultant neurosurgeon expert was instructed to report on causation and condition and prognosis. His report was disclosed to the defendant Solicitors and we made an offer to settle on behalf of Liam in the sum of £12,000. The defendant responded with an offer of their own in the sum of £8,000 and the claim was eventually settled for £9,000 damages.

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*Liam is a fictional character used to protect our client's identity