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Lana’s Story: £5,000 awarded after poor postoperative care led to blood clots

Our client Lana* received £5,000 damages after it was admitted that she received substandard postoperative care that led to her developing blood clots.

In February 2016, Lana woke up and, soon afterwards, began to feel sudden pains in her stomach. She called for an ambulance and was taken to Mayday Hospital. When she arrived, Lana informed the medical staff that she had recently suffered from pneumonia and a blood clot on her lungs.

The Clinical team subsequently diagnosed her as having developed an ectopic pregnancy and treated her condition by way of immediate surgery. After surgery, despite Lana being at high risk of developing blood clots due to her medical history, the clinical team took no precautions to prevent blood clots and sent her home.

After only two days at home, Lana returned to Mayday Hospital as she was suffering with pain in her abdomen. She was admitted and an MRI scan showed she had a build-up of fluid in her Pouch of Douglas.

Lana reiterated her previous history of clots and underwent further surgery to have the fluid removed. Following the surgery, she was placed back on the ward, where she was initially bed-bound. Unfortunately, she continued to suffer pain and found herself unable to walk. She was not provided with stockings or medication to prevent clots occurring.

In early March, the clinical team discharged her from hospital though she was still barely able to walk. In the following days, she sought further medical attention due to pain in her legs and was diagnosed with blood clots and referred back to hospital.

At hospital, Lana was found to have two blood clots in her legs. She was provided with TED stockings and placed on a course of Dalterparin injections.

Lana contacted Longden Walker and Renney seeking to pursue a claim for damages. Our expert solicitor, Himat Sidhu, began an investigation by obtaining copies of Lana’s medical records and preparing a witness statement.

Based on the evidence available, he prepared a Letter of Claim, setting out allegations concerning Lana’s care. Croydon Health Services NHS Trust involved NHS Resolution, who communicated that the Trust admitted providing substandard treatment and proposed an out-of-court settlement.

Himat obtained informal advice from a Consultant Physician, liaised with Lana (who thankfully explained that she had made a full recovery), and, on her instruction, communicated settlement of the Claim on the basis that she received damages of £5,000.

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*Lana is not our client’s real name.