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Medication Error Leads To Compensation Claim

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - £15,000 settlement

Our client (M) had a history of heart problems and leg pain. It was considered that he was likely to have problems with blood circulation to his legs that would cause symptoms which left untreated, might lead to the loss of his leg.

He underwent an angiogram procedure but suffered a major bleed. 

M instructed Richard Ebdon to investigate the case. In the course of investigations it became apparent that there had been an error in his medication prior to the surgical procedure, in that he was over anti-coagulated.

After investigation, it was argued, on M’s behalf, that had the anti-coagulation error not been made, although M may have suffered a bleed at the time of the angiogram (a common problem), the bleed would not have been so catastrophic and would not have required emergency surgery.

M suffered psychiatric injury, having feared for his life at the time of the bleed and the need to undergo emergency life saving surgery. Although the medication error was admitted by the Defendant, the link with the psychiatric injury was rigorously denied.

Richard had to commence Court proceedings before forcing the Defendant into a position where they had to come to settlement negotiations. The case was eventually settled at the Defendants third offer in the sum of £15,000.

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