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Melissa's Story: £5,000 damages awarded for burns suffered during a dental filling

Our client Melissa received £5,000 damages after suffering a burn to the side of her mouth causing permanent scarring during a dental filling procedure.

Melissa visited the dentist for a routine dental filling, hoping it would resolve her toothache. However, while removing the decay, the dentist allowed the dental drill to touch the side of her mouth. The heat from the drill was so intense that the burn injury took around four weeks to heal. It left permanent scarring, which Melissa is very conscious of, using lipstick to try and conceal it.

She contacted Longden Walker and Renney for advice. We obtained her dental records, and a letter of claim was sent to the dentist. An early admission of liability was made and an offer to settle at £5,000. Melissa was fully advised on this offer and on consideration she decided to accept it. As part of her settlement all of her legal costs and expenses were paid by the dentist.

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