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Missed Ectopic Pregnancy

Neil Heavisides, a Director, has recently pursued a case for a young lady following a missed ectopic pregnancy. The Claimant discovered that she was pregnant but had decided that she wanted to undergo a termination.

Before that could take place she started to experience vaginal bleeding and excruciating lower abdominal pains. Upon contacting NHS Direct she was told to go to a local Hospital for an assessment. There, a Consultant performed a physical examination and told her she was having a miscarriage there was a failure the Claimant could have an ectopic pregnancy. When the Claimant was admitted to Hospital for the scheduled termination, the surgeon found only very “scanty products” during the operation but failed to take into account that could have been attributable to an ectopic pregnancy. She was discharged without further follow up only to suffer sudden severe pain a little later. She had to undergo emergency laparoscopic surgery and her fallopian tube was removed.

Independent expert opinion confirmed that had the Claimant correctly had her ectopic pregnancy identified at the outset then she could have been medically managed i.e. no surgery would have been necessary and her fallopian tube therefore would have been preserved.

Whilst the NHS LA, on behalf of the Hospital Trust, agreed certain areas of the case not all of the issues were admitted. The Claimant accepted the sum of £10,000 in full and final settlement of her claim after negotiations from an initial offer of £5,000 in settlement.

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