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Paul's Story: Claim Against Lloyds Pharmacy for Incorrect Medication Dose

“Paul won £7,660 in compensation after a pharmacy provided him with an incorrect dose of the medication he needed due to his illness.”

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When Paul was told he required blood pressure medication due to results from a high blood pressure, he attended Lloyds Pharmacy to pick up his medication. However, when he received the medication, he was provided with the incorrect dose of the same medication he needed.

Paul had taken the medication as the dispensing error went unnoticed, and by doing so, unknowingly ingested double the dose he was required to take. As a result of the dispensing error, Paul’s blood pressure became uncontrollable and he was unable to return to work due to failing a medical health assessment.

Once the dispensing error was noted, Paul began to take the correct dose of medication again and after a further few months of recovery, he was able to return to work. When he came to Longdens to make a claim, Paul primarily focused on the loss of earnings incurred as a result of the negligence that had occurred.

A claim was put to Lloyds Pharmacy and liability was admitted. Thereafter, an offer for £7,660 was made, which Paul accepted in full and was the final settlement of the claim.

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*Paul is a fictional name used for a real client, used to protect his anonymity.