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Sian's Story: Damages from lower gum dental bridge work

Our client Sian received £7,000 damages after lower gum dental bridge work was found to be poorly fitted and was causing damage to pre-existing upper gum bridge work.  She also had the lower and upper bridge work repaired without cost to her.

Sian contacted Longden Walker and Renney after she was unhappy with the fitting of lower gum dental bridge work, which was loose and caused food to be trapped.

Her dental records were obtained and an independent medical opinion was sought from an Orthodontist.  This evidence confirmed that the bridge work was poorly fitted and needed to be replaced.  Also, it identified that the lower bridge was fitted slightly too high and was impacting on pre-existing upper gum bridge work.


Based on this evidence a letter of claim was forwarded to the Dentist who had performed the lower gum bridge work.   An admission was made by the Dentist for the poor fitting of the lower gum bridge work, but a denial was raised that this was causing damage to upper gum bridge work.  It was alleged that the upper gum bridge work had reached its natural and expected life span.

We entered into negotiations with the Dentist and our Orthodontic Expert was able to convince them that the lower dental bridge work was damaging the upper dental bridge work.  We were able to obtain compensation for Sian that allowed her to have both upper and lower bridge work repaired and received compensation for her suffering.  As part of the settlement agreement, all of Sian’s legal costs and expenses were paid by the dentist.

If, like Sian, you have suffered an injury due to dental treatment, it is important that you obtain expert legal advice as soon as possible.  

Do not hesitate to contact  Andrew Burford by email at or call us on 0191 5666 500.  Alternatively, fill in our short enquiry form and one of our specialist solicitors will be in touch.