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Eye Compensation Claims

Specialist eye injury & surgery compensation claim solicitors

Advances in medical science mean that a wide variety of eye conditions are now curable or treatable. Most of these eye treatments are carried out to a high standard, but unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and not every patient receives the service they deserve. When mistakes during eye surgery or procedures happen, the results can be devastating. It may cause significant changes in lifestyle, relationships and working capacity.

Conditions caused by damage during laser eye or other ophthalmic surgeries might include:

  • Over or under correction;
  • Misdiagnosis of - or failure to diagnose - eye problems;
  • Surgical accidents, including cataract and laser surgery;
  • Delay in diagnosis of Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP);
  • Failure to diagnose children’s vision problems;
  • Blindness or loss of sight in one eye;

What We Can Do For You

Our clinical negligence solicitors have many years of experience in assisting clients with eye compensation claims. We know how devastating an eye injury can be and we will endeavour to get you the compensation you deserve, ensuring it covers not only your pain and monetary loss, but also any corrective treatment you might need.

Your eye compensation claim could be covered by our No Win No Fee agreement. This means you will not be liable for solicitors fees if your claim is not successful.

If you think you have an eye injury claim call our expert clinical negligence solicitors today on 0191 5666 500 or fill out our no obligation enquiry form to arrange a free initial consultation at a time that best suits you.