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25 April 2013

Brachial plexus palsy

Director Neil Heavisides has succeeded in bringing a claim for a young girl against a Hospital in Stevenage for negligently causing an obstetric brachial plexus palsy injury at her birth. 

It was successfully argued that during the child's delivery there was a failure to properly manage a shoulder dystocia (where a shoulder becomes stuck against the mother's symphysis pubis during delivery).  These failures left the child with severe nerve damage across her brachial plexus leaving her left arm with very poor function.  The case was challenging but following expert opinions from an obstetrician, peripheral nerve injury expert and a plastic surgeon the Defendant admitted liability.  The child was able to undergo a course of treatment which included major surgery involving muscle tendon transfer, all paid for by the Defendant NHS Trust.  The operation was successful and the child has made a good recovery from it.  The Court approved the total settlement of £42,000 plus the costs of surgery and treatment. 

Neil Heavisides has handled a number of these types of cases and is able to offer expert legal advice on cases of this nature. We have an experienced birth negligence team; if you believe you have a claim, contact us or call 0191 5666 500 under no obligation for a free initial advice session.