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24 July 2015

Mistreated brain injury patients suffer lasting damage

There have been a number of recent reports involving the NHS highlighting medical negligence cases, that have had damaging repercussions for patients suffering from brain injuries in the UK.

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is a term given to any brain injury sustained since birth. In 2013, 350,000 people in the UK were admitted to hospital with an ABI, which was an increase of 10% from admissions in 2006. The statistics show that men are almost twice as likely to suffer such injuries than women, and equates to one person every 90 seconds and 445 daily admissions in Britain.

According to the charity Headway, one of the most common causes of brain injury are as a result of a stroke, which is accountable for 6.7 million deaths worldwide each year.

The majority of brain injuries, including stroke cases are the result of accidents or illnesses that occur naturally. There are occasions where a brain injury happens as a result of negligent medical care or delays in treatment, where the results can be devastating both for victims and their families.

A 47 year-old telecommunications executive received a £3 million settlement from the NHS after he was left brain-damaged following inadequate hospital care. Tristan Rosevear, from London, had to be resuscitated and suffered a stroke after spending nine weeks in intensive care following delays in treating septic arthritis in his hip.

Admitted on a weekend in 2010, he should have been given antibiotics immediately, yet three days later he was diagnosed with septic shock, which required immediate surgery. Later he suffered multiple organ failure and required brain surgery after suffering a stroke.

Nearly half a decade later he has restricted mobility and has difficulty communicating, while his wife has given up her promising career to become his full time carer.

Other examples of medical induced brain injuries include anaesthetic mistakes, delays in diagnosis, surgical errors and failure to diagnose haemorrhages and other brain conditions.

In recent years, our team of specialist Clinical Negligence Solicitors were able to reach a settlement with the NHS Foundation Trust to help a client obtain £22,500 compensation after a tumor was misdiagnosed by a radiologist following an MRI scan. Despite successful surgery, there was long term damage to facial nerves resulting in mild slurring of speech.

A settlement was reached with us in a case against Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust after suffering from brain injury

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