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13 March 2018

New mother says she 'found bandages in my body' after giving birth at Wexham Park Hospital, Slough.

In late February, the BBC reported on an investigation the NHS is conducting into claims by a mother that she found bandages in her body seven weeks after giving birth at Wexham Park Hospital, Slough.

Ms Loredana gave birth to baby Dominic in January. Ms Loredana said she initially explained to her midwife how she felt uncomfortable going to the toilet and that something smelled terrible. Her midwife checked her stitches and said 'everything was fine'. Ms Loredana added that she had suffered from thrush and 'light vaginal wounds'. She said she couldn't get an appointment with her walk-in centre until 7 March 2018.

This meant that for seven weeks she "changed my pads more than 10 times a day. Whether I had bleeding or not I just wanted my pads to absorb the horrible smell." Eventually, she felt courageous enough to try and clean inside her vagina with her fingers.

She said "I was breathless when I took out a large piece of decomposing material from inside me that smelled horrible and was soaked in blood."

 "How did this happen?"

Ms Loredana went to the accident and emergency department at the same Slough hospital and finally saw a doctor. The NHS Foundation Trust said it would make a further statement once it had spoken to Ms Loredana and completed an investigation into the case.

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