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10 April 2018

Why don’t injured people just get on with it?

The effect of an injury on an individual should never be underestimated. Even a minor injury can be disruptive to someone’s day to day life, if only on a temporary basis.

In one of our case studies, Mrs Brown expected to be back on her feet within a week or so, but found herself still affected three years later. She couldn’t go to work, she couldn’t go on holiday, and she couldn’t exercise - which meant she put on weight. She missed out on playing with her grandchildren and celebrating her milestone birthday with a cruise. And this was all on top of the physical pain she was suffering. It impacted every element of her life.

If you’ve been injured, basic tasks such as making a cup of tea or putting on your own shoes can become a challenge. Imagine how you would feel if your life was changed in such a dramatic way, and you knew that it was not just an accident, but a result of someone else’s negligence. Consider also the unfairness of forcing the State to pay when people are out of work or need physiotherapy, while the person who caused the injury has an insurance policy to cover them for personal injury claims against them.

Alixandra Cadden-Young of Longden Walker and Renney Solicitors, has another story to tell of life-changing injuries caused by negligent surgery. She has acted for a number of clients who have had their lives devastated by the negligence of an oncoplastic surgeon. As a result of this negligence, the ladies all required breast reconstructions after undergoing mastectomy surgery following cancer.

Alixandra talks of the effects of the negligence that she witnessed: “These ladies had already gone through the trauma of living with cancer along with the associated surgery and treatment, only to face multiple corrective surgeries to attempt to correct the negligence. They were subjected to years of infections and pain. To have beaten cancer but not be able to enjoy a second chance at life because of someone else’s negligence has had a devastating effect on these people and their families, both physically and psychologically.”