Personal Injury

Every year, many people are injured in accidents, whether it’s at home, at work or in their car. In most cases in which another person is at fault, as the injured party, you have a right to claim. The repercussions of accidents can be life changing for some and disappointing when you can’t receive the closure you deserve.

At Longden, Walker & Renney, we specialise in personal injury claims for clients who come to us with a case. Our personal injury solicitors make sure to approach your case sensitively, on time and with professionalism to allow us to give you the best possible outcome.

Some common examples of personal injury claims include:

Accident at work
Road traffic accidents
Trips and slips
Whiplash claims
Asbestos compensation
Fatal accident claims

If you feel unsure as to whether you can make a personal injury claim, you can speak to someone like Andrew who is one of our specialist personal injury solicitors and can assist you with your queries by giving you a free consultation. During your consultation, we are able to advise whether the claim you want to pursue is viable and can carry out full investigations to gather the best medial and other expert evidence required.

Our helpful infographic can give you an insight if you would like to get a better understanding of the personal injury claims process.

Why choose Longden Walker & Renney

  • Over 30 years experience dealing with personal injury claims
  • Professional advice and guidance from our specialist team
  • Even in traumatic circumstances, we are able to provide you with the closure you need

John’s Story

Accidents, whether they are at work or at home can be very traumatic for the party involved. One of our key priorities here at Longden Walker & Renney is to make sure we give our clients the best advice they need to progress with their life. We helped John obtain £185,000 in compensation after he sustained significant leg injuries and developed post traumatic stress disorder. Read John’s story here.

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