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Right To Buy Solicitors

Solicitors specialising in helping council & housing association tenants to buy

The Right to Buy scheme enables most council tenants to buy their council home at a discount. People living in a home previously owned by the council, but now owned by another landlord, such as a housing association, may have a similar entitlement, called Preserved Right to Buy. 

We have been involved in assisting council and housing association tenants with buying their homes from the landlord for many years. Right to buy has become increasingly popular. However, councils and housing associations may well impose conditions and restrictions that can make buying your rented property a complicated process. 

We will advise you fully as to what is involved and the changes that will apply to you when you become an outright owner of property. We have extensive knowledge of the process, and we will guide you through the procedure involved with your mortgage, searches and the broader legal process of buying from the landlord.

Contact us if you would like to discuss right to buy by completing our no obligation online enquiry form, or call us on 0191 5666 500.