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Funding Clinical Negligence Claims

Clinical negligence claims are expensive to run because of the detailed investigations that are needed, the often complex subject matter and the involvement of experts by each party.  Ways of funding your claim are as follows:

Community Legal Service Public Funding (Legal Aid)

We are one of the few firms of Solicitors within the North East to hold a franchise to carry out Public Funding/Legal Aid work.  Public Funding may be available to you if you qualify on financial grounds and if the Legal Services Commission considers that your claim is of sufficient value when compared to the likely costs of bringing the claim and has sufficient prospects of success.  We will advise you as to whether you are likely to qualify for Public Funding/Legal Aid.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Some people have legal expenses insurance for example as part of their household insurance policy which may be available to investigate and pursue a claim arising out of clinical negligence.  We will carry out the necessary checks on your behalf to see whether in fact you have such cover in place and shall contact you Insurer on your behalf if in fact you do have such cover.

Conditional Fee Agreements

We may be able to pursue your claim on a Conditional Fee basis (No Win No Fee).   In these cases you will not incur any legal fees if you lose your case.  In the event that you win your case our fees will normally be payable by the losing party.  For more information in this regard please refer to our document "Conditional Fee Agreements in Clinical Negligence Claims".  If we do enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement with you we can usually put an insurance policy in place to protect you against any claims for costs from the other side and arrange to fund expenses such as Court fees and expert fees so that you do not have anything to pay out as the case proceeds.

If you would like to discuss your potential claim with an experienced Solicitor please contact us on 0191 5666500 and ask for a member of the Clinical Negligence Team or complete our short enquiry form.  We shall provide you with any initial advice free of charge.