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Perineal Tear Injury Claims

Perineal or vaginal tears may occur quite naturally, as a consequence of child birth.  The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists estimates that over 85% of women who have a vaginal birth will suffer some degree some degree of perineal trauma and of these 60 - 70% will need suturing.  However, while perineal tears are common for many women in childbirth, the subsequent inadequate or negligent treatment of them can lead to a claim for birth injury compensation.

Women who have suffered from traumatic perineal tears are often reluctant to discuss their symptoms believing that vaginal injury is a necessary part of having a baby.  Symptoms can include severe pain, incontinence or flatus (wind) and a solid stool and agonising painful sexual intercourse.  For some women, the symptoms can last for years and cause them great misery, pain, and for some, psychological damage. 

It is vital for women's future well-being that injuries to their perineum are correctly identified as quickly as possible and that expert advice is sought by midwifes and doctors attending deliveries.  While not all tears will lead to a successful claim for compensation, our dedicated team of clinical negligence solicitors at Longden Walker and Renney (Solicitors) Ltd have represented many clients who have suffered perineal tear injuries that have been misdiagnosed and treated negligently. 

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