Civil Litigation

If you’re involved in a disagreement where a solution cannot be reached, we could help bring it to a constructive conclusion.

Are you embroiled in a dispute with another person? Are you at odds with a company or business? Do they owe you money? Are you feeling ripped off?

Let us evaluate the strength of your case & explain the likely outcomes – get in touch or call 0191 5666 500

Protect your interests and gain expert advice from our Civil Litigation Solicitors – providing comprehensive representation for a wide range of matters.

We can conduct an early analysis of all legal matters and, if your case is accepted, prepare a robust position in relation to your civil dispute, putting you in the best position for success. Whether you are a defendant or prospective claimant, we will always look to negotiate and take decisive action to help resolve matters positively and with your best interests in mind.

If you need support with a civil dispute, we will fight with determination and resilience, dealing effectively with all challenges until a satisfactory outcome is achieved. Where a settlement does not appear to be viable, we will robustly defend or advance your position at a final hearing.

Honest and pragmatic advice you can trust. Properly equipped for the challenges that are present in all civil litigation cases.

Types of civil disputes we handle

  • Property & Boundary Disputes
  • Contentious Probate
  • Trust Disputes
  • Professional Negligence
  • High-value debt recovery
  • Business Disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Section 21 Notices

Civil Litigation Solicitors in Sunderland & The North East

We have been providing Free Legal Advice in Sunderland for over 100 years.

Known for our practical solutions and clear advice, we help people from Newcastle, Durham and the wider North East region. We also represent people from across the UK, many of whom have been referred by previously successful clients.

No matter what advice or level of assistance you need, we adopt a personal hands-on approach to guide you through the process.

Call 0191 5666 500 or get in touch for a no-obligation and confidential discussion either in person or via video call.

Our approach to Civil Litigation Disputes

By adopting a proactive approach, our Civil Litigation Solicitors always aim to achieve a quick, cost-effective and positive outcome.

With our knowledge and expertise in your corner, you’ll always feel assured. No matter what type of dispute you are embroiled in.

Wherever possible, we try to resolve disputes through methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as this can bring matters to a close without the need for formal court proceedings. Not only can this save time and costs, avoiding court allows the dispute to remain private and ADR can often lead to a positive outcome.

If ADR fails to provide a satisfactory conclusion, we won’t hesitate to bring a Civil Litigation claim through the court system.

Free Legal Advice for Civil Litigation Claims

We don’t think costs should ever be a barrier to seeking expert legal advice. That’s why we offer a free 30-minute session where we can discuss your case, assess the legal merits of your claims and analyse how likely you are to be successful.

We cannot guarantee that we will be able to help. But our experienced Civil Litigation solicitors will listen carefully and advise on the best course of action to take.

If your case is a small claim that’s worth less than £10,000.00 and likely be a small claims matter then it may not make financial sense to hire a solicitor as the costs could outweigh the amount you’re owed. However, there are still a wide range of place where you can gain affordable access to legal assistance – such as the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and the Law Centres Network.

To discover all of your options, click to read our ‘Is taking legal action always the best way to proceed?’ article.

In some cases, there may be a compelling business reason why you would pursue a commercial Civil Litigation claim even if it is worth less than £10,000.00 such as the protection of your business reputation.

If you are in any doubt about whether to proceed or how to fund your case, please get in touch for a friendly and informal discussion.

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