Birth Injury Claims

Childbirth is an emotional experience and we expect a high standard of medical care during this time. Unfortunately, the standards of doctors or midwives can fall short and the effect of a birth injury can be devastating for both mother and child, in some cases with lasting effects. In such cases, you may have no other choice than to pursue a birth injury claim for damages for injury, and to meet expenses such as those for care and various therapies that may be required to meet the needs of your child. During this difficult time, our expert solicitors will ensure that you have access to both the specialist support and legal expertise that you deserve.

Our medical negligence solicitors are experienced in dealing with claims for birth injury to both babies and mothers, including the most severe cases. Here at Longden, Walker & Renney our clients come first and we will always fight to get you the support and rehabilitation you deserve, whatever the nature of your birth injury claim.

Some of the common problems relating to birth injury negligence include:

  • Poor antenatal care, sometimes resulting in misdiagnosis

  • Labour mismanagement, causing birth trauma to the baby or mother

  • Negligent interpretation of CTG scans

  • Negligent delivery by Caesarean section

  • Negligent forceps delivery

  • Brachial plexus injury due to obstetric negligence

  • Mistakes with anaesthetics

  • Inadequate suturing

 Can I make a claim for birth injury compensation?

If you or someone close to you has suffered a birth injury as a result of substandard medical treatment during childbirth, you could be entitled to make a birth injury compensation claim. In order to proceed with your claim, we require evidence that:

  • The medical professionals who treated you breached a duty of care by following a course of action that is not supported by trusted medical opinion

  • As a result of the breach of duty, you have suffered injury and/or financial loss

When you contact Longden, Walker & Renney and provide details of what happened, whether the injury occurred in a private clinic or an NHS hospital, we can help you understand if you have a claim for compensation. Our clinical negligence experts will advise you on the birth injury claims process, any time constraints and how successful your claim is likely to be.

 Why choose Longden Walker & Renney for birth injury claims?

  • We have over 30 years experience in handling birth injury claims, many of which have been Cerebral Palsy cases

  • We understand that reliving a traumatic event can be distressing and our dedicated team are always on hand to offer support and guidance throughout your case

  • We work on a no win, no fee basis

If you’re thinking of making a claim and would like to find out how our process works, you can view our infographic here.

Jessica’s Story

We are passionate about helping clients receive the closure they need. Our client, Jessica, received a multi-million pound settlement for her cerebral palsy case. Failure to control the drugs used during her mother’s labour led to compensation. Read Jessica’s Story.

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