Orthopaedic Claims

Suffering from pain because of misdiagnosed fractures or substandard orthopaedic surgery is often avoidable. If you’ve been adversely affected, we can help you seek redress and gain compensation.

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Injuries and issues with bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves are among some of the most common, and routinely treated, medical complaints in the UK.

If you have suffered medical negligence due to misdiagnosed fractures, or as a result of orthopaedic surgery, we understand that the impact can have a long term and devastating effect on your life.

You may be unable to work, have impaired mobility or be unable to enjoy simple activities as you used to.

Do I have a case for medical negligence during orthopaedic surgery?

Our specialist team of clinical negligence solicitors are experienced in handling such orthopaedic surgery claims.

We’ll take the time to listen and fully understand what happened to you, and only consult recognised experts in the field of orthopaedics to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome.

What are some examples of orthopaedic negligence claims?

Our team have successfully pursued orthopaedic claims including:

  • Knee, foot, ankle, hand, leg and upper limb;

  • Nerve damage;

  • Surgical errors;

  • Failure to diagnose or treat fractures, which results in further damage;

  • The incorrect treatment of fractures, resulting in the necessity of further surgery;

  • Joint replacement operations where the wrong component is used or not fitted correctly; and

  • Poorly-fitted prostheses

How does the claims process work?

If you have suffered due to orthopaedic negligence in any of the above areas but are unsure as to whether you can make a claim, the first step it to contact us for a free consultation.

Our focus is to provide the right advice and support from the very start and at every step of the claims process.

Why choose us for a medical negligence claim?

  • No win no fee agreement to minimise financial risk

  • Expert support and guidance on your orthopaedic negligence claim is offered through every step of your case

  • We ensure the legal process is as straightforward as possible

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If you’d like to utilise the experience and expertise of our clinical negligence solicitors, we would love to fight for the support and rehabilitation you deserve.

From our head office in central Sunderland (just a stone’s throw from the train station), we can quickly travel to anywhere in the North East. We also represent people from across the UK, many of whom have been referred by previously successful clients.

Whatever the nature of your claim, get in touch for a no-obligation and confidential discussion either in person or via video call.

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