Land Acquisition and Sale

Getting the purchase right is essential to the future sale of any plots on a development site. There are numerous matters to consider, including the legal title, access rights, planning permissions and insurance. It is worth seeking specialist advice from experienced property development lawyers to ensure you can anticipate all the issues and pre-emptively address them in the sales pack. The aim is to make future sales as simple as possible.

Buying land

Our specialist land development  solicitors will recommend searches, and are skilled in flagging every potential issue. We can then guide you through the available solutions. We’ll use our extensive experience to produce development schemes that are acceptable to both the buyer’s mortgage lender and your objectives. By covering every aspect,  our property development lawyers minimise the uncertainty and worry of developing land so you can make the most of your investment.

Development schemes

Our Land development lawyers are more than happy to review your development proposals with you, and take the time needed to produce the most effective scheme. Whether you go for leasehold flats and houses or individual freehold plots, we will provide you with global, standardised documentation for each plot and liaise closely with you to create a comprehensive sales pack. This is crucial for making the process more straightforward for buyers, reducing queries later on in the process. Finally,  our property development lawyers will create a bespoke system for your development and treat all sales in accordance with that system to ensure efficient and rapid conclusion of each individual sale.

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