Plastic Surgery Claims

Suffering pain or complications because of a cosmetic surgery mistake can result in life-changing consequences. If this happens to you, we could help with a compensation claim.

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When cosmetic surgery goes wrong, the effects can be devastating. If mistakes were made due to clinical negligence, you could be entitled make a cosmetic surgery claim.

Our experienced solicitors can support you through the legal process and will handle your cosmetic surgery claim with sensitivity and professionalism through what can be a distressing and stressful time.

What are some examples of cosmetic surgery claims?

We are frequently instructed to consider whether negligence was responsible for unwanted outcomes of plastic surgery. Commonly, we are asked to consider whether breast surgery has been incompetently performed.

Cosmetic Surgery claims that we have handled to date include women who have undergone breast reductions followed by very poor aftercare. In one case, this resulted in failure to detect a developing haematoma which in turn resulted in death of the tissue within the breast. This caused the loss of a nipple and part of the breast tissue.

Another cosmetic surgery case involved a young woman who underwent a complex augmentation procedure, but had only been informed of the risks of the procedure on the morning it was due to be carried out and did not have sufficient time to consider her options. The outcome was very poor and she required further revisionary surgery. Had she known of the risks specific to her, she would not have gone ahead.

A further case involved a woman who underwent augmentation, but the surgeon did not use the standard incision approach and instead caused extensive scarring throughout the inframammary fold.

How does the claims process work?

If you have suffered due to medical negligence in any of the above areas but are unsure as to whether you can make a compensation claim, the first step it to contact us for a free consultation. Our focus is to provide the right advice and support from the very start and at every step of the claims process.

Why choose us for a medical negligence claim?

  • We call upon leading experts in the field of plastic surgery to assist us in assessing cases.
  • No win no fee agreement to minimise financial risk
  • Expert support and guidance on your compensation claim is offered through every step of your case
  • We ensure the legal process is as straightforward as possible

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