Commercial Leases

Need advice about securing the right terms for a new lease on a property in Sunderland or the North East area? Our experts will ensure you get a good deal.

Profit from expert commercial property law advice – get in touch or call 0191 5666 500 to discuss your requirements.

Being familiar with local businesses and their needs, we can advise you on the right terms for new leases on any property in the North East region.

Our business lease lawyers can also assist you in renewing or transferring leases to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

In addition, we work with both landlords and tenants to agree on mutually beneficial landlords’ consent agreements and amicably resolve disputes and issues.

New leases

Taking on a new lease is an exciting venture for you and your business.

To make sure you can maximise the value of your new lease, our business lease lawyers will advise you fully on the terms and conditions:

  • Where they affect your business or business plans
  • Special considerations associated with the premises or the lease
  • The consequences of taking on the new lease
  • What to consider should you wish to surrender or ‘sell’ the lease at a later date

Lease renewals

If your business is going well you may need to ensure that you are able to stay in your premises for a further period of time. This is likely, at some point, to involve renewing your lease.

The statutory provisions for renewals are strict, but our specialised systems ensure that all matters will be properly timetabled and the deadlines are met.

With the expert advice of our retail lease lawyers, our aim is to make the procedure as simple and straightforward for you as possible, leaving you free to focus on your business success.

Lease surrenders

When times are hard or you need to change the way your business operates, you may need to bring the lease to an end and surrender or ‘sell’ it.

Our business lease lawyers assist landlords and tenants with negotiations and make sure all the statutory documentation is in good order.

We will inform you of the best options for surrender so you can reach the best outcome for your business.

Landlords’ consents

As with residential properties, you may well require your landlord’s consent to make any alterations to your leased commercial property. This could include alterations to the building’s fabric or use, changes to signage or assignment to another tenant.

With experience of working with both landlords and tenants, our retail lease lawyers are ideally placed to assist you in dealing with all aspects of consent applications.

We can guide you through all the requirements and support you as you prepare the necessary documentation.

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