GP Negligence Claims

Receiving substandard care from a GP or doctor can have a devastating effect. If this has happened to you, we can seek compensation or an apology from the person responsible.

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When you feel ill or under the weather, a visit to your GP is generally your first port of call. GPs manage day-to-day problems and although they are not usually specialists, they have been trained to know when to refer a patient to a specialist doctor.

Unfortunately, sometimes the standards of care from doctors can fall short and the effects can be devastating. This could be in the form of an incorrect diagnosis, or a failure to carry out tests and refer patients for specialist advice where necessary.

When this happens to you, it can feel like a betrayal of trust, as well as potentially suffering serious health complications. This is known as GP negligence, and you may be able to make a claim against a doctor.

Do I have a case for a GP negligence claim?

We recognise that patients often find it difficult to pursue a claim arising from GP negligence.

We can provide immediate legal representation and our clinical negligence solicitors team have years of experience with GP negligence claims and will provide you with the right advice and support throughout the entire process.

Some common areas of GP negligence are:

  • Failing to carry out a proper examination of the patient;
  • Failing to properly investigate a problem or complaint;
  • Incorrect or non-referral to a specialist;
  • Delaying treatment or referral to a specialist;
  • Prescribing the wrong medication;
  • Failing to diagnose meningitis;
  • Failing to diagnose heart problems leading to cardiac arrest or heart attack;
  • Failing to diagnose brain haemorrhage;
  • Failing to refer a patient for cancer investigations; and
  • Failing to properly treat hypoglycaemia

How does the compensation claims process work?

If you or someone close to you has suffered due to a result of substandard medical treatment from a doctor, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

In order to proceed with your GP negligence compensation claim, we require evidence that the medical professionals who treated you breached a duty of care by following a course of action that is not supported by trusted medical opinion and as a result, you have suffered injury and/or financial loss.

How much will it cost to make a claim?

We may be able to offer you a conditional fee agreement, otherwise known as No Win No Fee, which minimises your financial risk.

Why choose us for a medical negligence claim?

  • Expert support and guidance is offered through every step of your GP negligence case

  • We offer no win no fee agreements to reduce financial risk

  • We are a local, friendly and professional firm of solicitors based in Sunderland and working across the North East

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