Buying A Property

Buying a house is exciting. It can also be scary and stressful. To minimise the hassle (and worry), we are here to make the process as smooth as possible. Every step of the way.

Buying a new home? Get expert advice about every aspect of the process – call 0191 5666 500 for a friendly discussion.

From pre-contract searches and the drafting of contracts through to completion and the moving date, it is our responsibility to ensure the experience is effortless and trouble-free.

If you are a first-time buyer, it may be the first experience you have had dealing with a Solicitor. Whatever the type of property you are buying it is important to choose a firm of Solicitors you can rely on and trust.

With the help of our experienced conveyancing team, you can relax and know that all of the legal issues will be handled properly. We are happy to provide you and the Estate Agent with regular updates so you know exactly what is going on and are fully aware of all the legal aspects relating to the purchase of your new home.

Moving home or adding another property to your portfolio? We have helped thousands of people buy a new home. Houses, flats, freehold, leasehold, listed properties, new builds and more. We do it all and we will make sure everything is in place for both you and your mortgage lender.

How we can help you buy a property

With our friendly support and expert legal advice, you can minimise the stress and frustration often associated with buying a property.

Our conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors do their best to make the process as smooth as possible. They also communicate with you regularly so you always know what is happening.

We offer:

  • A single, dedicated point of contact
  • Friendly and efficient experts
  • Great relationships with estate agents
  • Liaison with mortgage providers
  • Clear & competitive costs

Accredited by the Law Society Conveyancing Quality Scheme our team of Conveyancers in Sunderland can help you buy a home in the North East or anywhere else throughout England & Wales.

Why do I need legal assistance when buying a property?

Once you have found the right property to buy and agreed a suitable price through the Estate Agent the buyer is responsible for checking it and making sure it is suitable and fit for purpose. This is known as ‘caveat emptor’.

Before the legal ownership of the property can be transferred certain searches must be carried out to ensure the property is in good order. Legally-binding contracts must also be drawn up and reviewed.

To look after your interests and those of the mortgage provider, it is important to use an experienced conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor to check that these procedures have been carried out correctly. They will also draw your attention to any potential issues and offer legal advice.

To discover how we help you during the property buying process fill in our call-back form or ring 0191 5666 500 for a friendly and informal discussion.

What costs are involved in buying a property?

To assist you in deciding whether to instruct us to help buy your home, we will provide a detailed breakdown of all our conveyancing costs so that you know what to expect in advance.

How long does conveyancing take?

The average UK property sale (or purchase) takes approximately 12-16 weeks to complete, but this varies depending on the complexities of each individual deal and the number of people involved and the number of properties in the chain.  Matters can only proceed at the speed of the ‘weakest link’.

We aim to complete each property transaction quickly and to a timescale that fits in with your requirements. Throughout the process, we will provide you with support, advice and guidance.  If any problems or delays arise, we always explain what is happening so you can set a realistic date for completion.

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