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Clinical Negligence Case Studies

Case studies relevant to the field of Clinical Negligence

Archie’s story: £10,000 Compensation for Negligent Treatment of Finger Fracture

Our Client, Archie*, obtained £10,000 damages from Medway NHS Foundation Trust after it admitted that it had failed to provide the Claimant with competent treatment for a fracture to his finger. Our specialist solicitor, John Lowther[our-experts/john-lowther-ba-hons/], obtained copies of the relevant medical records from Archie’s GP, Medway NHS Foundation Trust, Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Kent Community Health NHS... […]


Lewis and Katie’s story: £80,000 Compensation following Death in Gateshead's Queen Elizabeth Hospital due to Meningitis

Our Clients, Lewis and Katie*, obtained £80,000 damages from Gateshead Health NHS Trust following the tragic death of their infant daughter due to a failure to diagnose and treat meningitis at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead. Following the tragic death of their infant daughter, Lewis and Katie contacted and instructed Longden Walker and Renney to act on their behalf at an... […]


Patricia's Story: Compensation obtained after Stepping Hill Hospital Stepping Hill Hospital lose Breast Cancer Biopsy

*Our client Patricia* received £1,000 damages for the loss of a breast cancer biopsy by *Stockport NHS Foundation Trust. Patricia noticed some changes in her breasts and was referred by her GP to Stepping Hill Hospital for investigations.  She underwent an ultrasound guided biopsy procedure as part of the investigations.  Two days after having this procedure she was contacted by Stepping... […]


Kay's Story: £13,000 compensation for unnecessary surgery at Basildon University Hospital

*Our client Kay* received £13,000 damages after having unnecessary surgery to treat an ovarian cyst at Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Trust.* Kay developed an ovarian cyst and was told that she needed surgery to remove the cyst and ovary.  She consented to have this surgery and underwent the expected operation at Basildon University Hospital.  Following the surgery she was told... […]


James' Story: £7,000 compensation for tooth extraction that caused him to develop a fistula

Our client James* received £7,000 damages following a dental extraction which caused him to suffer an oroantral fistular (a hole between mouth and nose) at Wincobank Dental Practice. James contacted Longden Walker and Renney because he was concerned about the treatment he had received at Wincobank Dental Practice.   His dental records were obtained and an independent medical opinion was sought from a... […]


Mathew’s Story: £75,000 Compensation for Fatal Failure to Treat Sepsis and Hypothermia

Mathew* contacted us concerning the death of his son following treatment at University Hospital of North Durham.  He sought our help with investigations into whether his son’s death could have been avoided, if he had received competent medical treatment. The case was concluded with the Defendant, County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, admitting having provided substandard treatment and agreeing to... […]


Sophie’s story: £5.8m compensation approved by Court for girl made to suffer with Cerebral Palsy

*Our client Sophie* was awarded £5.8 million after substandard treatment provided by East Kent University NHS Foundation Trust resulted in her suffering from Cerebral Palsy.* Longden Walker and Renney were instructed by the parents of Sophie*, a little girl who was born in 2001. The third trimester of her mother’s pregnancy had been complicated by the identification of reduced foetal movements,... […]


Tina's Story: £5,000 Compensation Obtained for Substandard Finger Surgery

*Our client Tina* received £5,000 damages after substandard surgery performed at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust to repair a fractured little finger.* Tina sustained a fracture of her left little finger following a fall from a mechanical rodeo bull.  She underwent surgery at George Eliot Hospital to insert metal plating into the finger to help straighten it and repair the fracture.   However... […]