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Dental Negligence Claims

Specialist dental negligence compensation claims solicitors

A visit to the dentist is rarely a pleasure, whether it’s for routine dental work or complicated oral surgery. Still, we trust our oral health to a licensed dentist as good oral hygiene and care is key to looking after our teeth and gums. This is why, when something goes wrong during the course of dental treatment, or when complications arise months after, there can be serious repercussions. things become vastly more unpleasant.

We are experience in dealing with all types of dental negligence claims, including:

  • Removing the wrong tooth;
  • Permanently injuring a nerve during surgery due to lack of concentration;
  • Allowing a patient to swallow an instrument;
  • Administering medication to which a patient is allergic (when the patient’s notes indicate the allergy clearly);
  • Providing defective crowns, bridges or other oral devices that cause costly and painful complications.

However, a dentist’s failure to take action in response to a dental issue can also be grounds for a dental negligence claim. Such negligence can lead to a patient having ongoing problems, such as pain, deterioration in health and the need for long-term and expensive corrective treatment.

Some examples are:

  • Failure to detect oral cancer, periodontal disease, or other diseases;
  • Failure to treat gum disease adequately or at all, allowing the disease to develop;
  • Failure to inform a patient that a dental instrument has broken and been retained in the tooth cavity.

With our No Win No Fee agreement, otherwise known as a conditional fee agreement, you will incur no financial risk. Funding options such as these and others will be discussed with you by your clinical negligence solicitor from the outset.

If you have been - or believe you have been - a victim of dental negligence, it is important that you seek specialist legal advice as soon as possible. Call Longden Walker & Renney’s expert clinical negligence solicitors on 0191 5666 500 to discuss your dental claim, or use our online enquiry form for an initial consultation, at no cost and no obligation.