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Hospital Negligence Case Studies

Specialists in hospital negligence compensation claims

Christopher's Story: £7,500 damages awarded for burns suffered during laser tattoo removal at SK!N

Our client Christopher received £7,500 damages after suffering burns to his arm during laser tattoo removal.  The procedure was being performed by a private health care provider called SK!N based within James Cook University Hospital. Christopher contacted our team after suffering burns to his arm during removal of an arm sleeve tattoo.  Whilst a skin patch test had been performed prior... […]


Mr Jones' Story: £15,000 Damages for Patient Caused to Suffer out of Hospital Heart Attack

*Mr Jones' Story: £15,000 Damages for Patient Caused to Suffer out of Hospital Heart Attack* Our client Mr Jones* received £15,000 damages after Stockport NHS Foundation Trust admitted that substandard cardiac treatment provided by its clinicians caused him to suffer an avoidable heart attack. *Background* In June 2017, Mr Jones suffered an out of hospital cardiac arrest and required treatment at Stepping Hill... […]


Jake's Story: £1.5.k awarded after a catheter tip was left in-situ

Jake was awarded £1.5k in damages after hospital staff negligently left the tip of a catheter inside his bladder, causing severe urinary tract problems. Background Jake attended a hospital in relation to urinary problems. Hospital staff made several attempts to fit a urethral catheter, but were unsuccessful, and so fitted a supra-pubic catheter. Following the removal of this catheter, Jake experienced a number... […]


Jenny's Story: £3,500 in damages after leg injury

Our client Jenny received £3,500 damages after suffering a laceration to her right leg caused by a hospital worker crashing a wheelchair into her. Jenny contacted Longden Walker and Renney after suffering the injury.  She had been in hospital for a hip operation and was making good recovery.  On the day of discharge she was asked to sit in a wheelchair.... […]


Dawn's Story: Multiple Sclerosis medication stopped incorrectly

*Our client Dawn received £1,000 damages after her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) medication was incorrectly stopped for a period of one week whilst in Hospital. * Dawn suffers with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and takes medication to counteract the symptoms of the condition.  She was admitted into hospital due to suffering an infection.  Whilst in hospital her MS symptoms started to display themselves... […]


Justine's Story: £35,00 damages obtained for fall from operating table

*Our client Justine received £35,000 damages after she suffered a fall from an operating trolley at Epsom General Hospital.* Justine contacted Longden Walker and Renney after learning of the fall because she was concerned that she had suffered harm as a result of substandard practice. As she had been fully anaesthetised when she fell, Justine could not know for certain what... […]


Andy's Story: Error regarding use of penicillin via IV drip

*Andy was awarded £2,500 in full after he was given penicillin via a drip, even though medical records stated he was allergic.* When Andy was admitted to hospital, it was clearly stated in his medical records that he was allergic to penicillin and any dose of it would allow complications. However, a nurse administered penicillin to him in error via an... […]