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Linda Taylor

Conveyancing Assistant

There’s nothing Linda loves more than handing over the keys to a new home.

As the longest-serving member of our Residential Conveyancing department, having first joined us in 1998, this is something she has had the pleasure of doing countless times.

In her role as a Conveyancing Assistant, Linda assists our solicitors with most matters relating to sales, purchases, re-mortgages, equity release and Right to Buy.

A much-valued team member, she is often the first point of contact people have with our Conveyancing team, welcoming them with a friendly smile and wealth of expertise.

What tips would you give a homebuyer so things run smoothly?

Whatever property you’re moving into, it’s important to start the process by being open and up front about your financial position and any deposit you may have. If you can evidence your Proof of Funds early on, it makes life a lot easier for everyone. Otherwise, we have to chase things up at the end when it’s a bit more pressured.

We work closely with lenders to keep them informed about the personal finances of our clients and if there are any problems, we quickly get in touch to make sure they are ironed out. By working like this, we usually find it helps to avoid disappointment.

How do you help first-time buyers?

Buying your first home is a very exciting time. It’s our role to hold their hand throughout the process, keep them posted about any developments and give them actionable advice to follow so things run smoothly. Again, we would always encourage providing us with all their financial information available from the outset as it really does make things much simple.

What’s the best thing about your role?

The team I work with and the team work between us. Jackie Rutherford, our Head of Residential Property, has created a great atmosphere and we are a very close-knit unit, so it’s never a chore coming in to the office.

Having been in your position since 1998, what drives you and keeps you motivated?

It’s a really nice feeling when a sale or purchase is done and finally over the line. I’m the person who does most of the completions in the Residential Conveyancing department, and I always joke and say that the rest of the team do all the hard work before I take all the glory!

I think I enjoy the way the whole team works really hard to prepare everything and make sure there are no hiccups. I still love being part of that after all these years.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Honest, reliable, trustworthy, hard-working and organised.

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Linda Taylor

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