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Neil Heavisides
Managing Director

Neil is a Chartered Legal Executive and Director within Longden Walker & Renney. Over a career spanning 25 years (most of which has been with LW&R), Neil has worked solely within the fields of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence litigation. Over the last 10 years Neil has narrowed his work fields and now deals exclusively in Clinical Negligence. It’s an area which he is passionate about and with fellow director, Richard Ebdon, has helped expand a department dedicated to this area of law that is now thought to be the largest in the North East of England.

Over the years Neil has dealt with a vast range of clinical negligence cases involving:

  • Cerebral Palsy. This is the area which Neil specialises in and has extensive experience. Cases include failures to monitor the baby during labour, inappropriate levels of syntocinon (used to speed up the labour), proceeding inappropriately with vaginal footling breach delivery, improper use of ventouse and forceps delaying delivery of the baby, failure to properly manage a mother’s premature rupture of membranes, delay in performing a caesarean section after a decision is made to proceed with that and so on
  • Ophthalmic treatment and surgery, including failures to treat glaucoma (leading to blindness), failures to tackle detached retinas, surgery contraindicated because of other eye
  • Hip surgery, including inappropriate choice of implant, stems of inappropriate length, surgical errors in implantation of the ‘false’ hip etc.
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Cosmetic breast surgery, including augmentation and implants (including rupturing), reduction, complications from necrosis, asymmetry and ‘double bubbling’
  • Nasal surgery, including the removal of unnecessary amounts of cartilage and inappropriate choice of surgery
  • Neonatal management, such as a failure to properly monitor and deal with sodium and potassium levels in the newborn resulting in brain damage, failure to provide antibiotic cover resulting in necrotising entercolitis, extravasation injuries, improper dry ventilation etc
  • Erb’s Palsy (also known as Brachial Plexus Palsy), usually occurring when a baby becomes stuck during delivery and inappropriate attempts are made to extract the baby injuring a sheath of nerves controlling arm and shoulder function
  • Missed scaphoid (wrist) fractures, very often resulting in permanent disabilities, sometimes affecting an ability to work
  • Missed ectopic pregnancy, often resulting in a rupture necessitating emergency surgery
  • Surgical errors, such as failures to fully perform the surgery intended
  • Poor nursing care; in 1 case this led to a man choking to death
  • Wrong choice of equipment; in 1 case a female catheter was used in a man which caused massive bleeding resulting in death
  • Cardiology, such as failures in identifying aortic aneurysms
  • Failures in identifying and treating intracranial hypertension (leading in 1 case to blindness)
  • Spinal surgery, including operating on the wrong level of the spine and the use of spinal implants
  • Cancer, both missed diagnosis and inappropriate treatment, including over use of Herceptin resulting in cardiac failure and death
  • Missed brain tumours
  • Bowel and bladder injuries from surgery
  • Thyroid surgery injuries
  • Gallbladder injuries
  • Failure to tackle a slipped epiphysis
  • Failure to prevent a ruptured appendix

There have been others! Over the years Neil has built up a reputation in this field and often sees clients referred to him by clients, other lawyers, barristers and even doctors.

Recent settlements have included damages of 7.1 million, 4.2 million and many current cases involve multi-million pound claims.

In his spare time Neil acts as willing chauffeur to his 3 sons (and very often a small army of their friends too). He also enjoys reading and travelling as well as watching a large variety of sports.

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