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Clinical Negligence Resources

Resources available for clients in the Clinical Negligence field

Prison Healthcare

*Prisoner Healthcare: Your Rights* The Government provides information about the rights of those in prison to healthcare at their website here[]. Medical treatment is free and is subject to approval by a prison doctor or member of the healthcare team. In practice, there is variation in healthcare arrangements within prisons, but prisoners report receiving primary healthcare from the prison healthcare teams, which... […]


Types of Brain Injury, Support & Compensation

*Types of Brain Injury,  Support & Compensation * * *As the brain is the engine room for most of the body’s vital functions, even a minor injury can have devastating, long-lasting consequences. From limited movement or psychological problems, all the way through to paralysis and incapacity, victims can spend the rest of their lives overcoming their injuries, attempting to rebuild their lives. This, however,... […]


What is Clinical / Medical Negligence?

*At Longden, Walker & Renney, we often receive enquiries from people who are unfortunately dissatisfied with the medical treatment that they have received. Our initial action with each of these enquiries is to establish whether the person's experience could qualify as an act of Clinical or Medical Negligence.* A common question asked by our clients during this process is "what is... […]


What To Look Out For During The Consenting Process

Handing over permission to a medical professional before treatment can be an especially daunting and confusing process. *"I didn’t read the consent form" * *"I didn’t understand the consent form" * *"If only the doctor had warned me of this terrible complication, I never would have agreed to his treatment."* These statements are often made by patients who have suffered poor outcomes... […]


Where Do I Start With a Clinical Negligence Claim?

 *Your Rights* When a patient suffers avoidable illness or pain at the hand of trusted medical professionals, they may be a victim of *medical negligence*[clinical-negligence/case-studies/] and, if so, may be entitled to compensation. When medical care goes wrong, we understand that it can be very distressing for the victim and those around them.  We are here to help. Whilst making a claim for... […]


Can I Claim against a Private Healthcare Provider?

*Can I Claim against a Private Healthcare Provider?*  We are often asked:  *Can I sue a private hospital?* *Can I sue a private surgeon?* *Can I sue a GP?* *Can I sue an Optician?* *Can I sue a Dentist?*  In short: *YES* (subject to the exclusions below). Private healthcare is a service, and private practitioners are held to the same standard as NHS practitioners. They are still bound by... […]


Clinical Negligence Claims and Compensation for Prisoners

 *“I’ve had bad healthcare in prison.  Can I get compensation?”* *“Can I sue a prison for dodgy medical treatment?”* *“I didn’t get proper treatment. Can I get compensation from the MOJ?”* We are regularly contacted by people who have either spent time in prison or are related to someone who is in prison and is unhappy with medical treatment that they have received. According... […]


Rehabilitation in Serious Brain Injury Claims

*Rehabilitation in Serious Brain Injury Claims* Brain injuries which have been caused by clinical negligence[clinical-negligence/] can have life-changing consequences, both for the individual and their family. In a claim for compensation arising out of the negligence, it is fundamental to consider long-term treatment, care and rehabilitation. This can help ensure that the Claimant receives the best possible care moving forward. It is... […]