Incorrect Metal Plates May Have Been Used Treat Fractured Bones

06 March 2019 The BBC has reported that the wrong metal plates may have been inserted into thousands of patients who had…


Delayed Diagnosis of Necrotising Fasciitis

22 May 2020 In this case, the Claimant, who as a result of the Defendant’s negligence, suffered a delay of…


A Case of Inadequate Decompression of the Spinal Cord

14 July 2020 H.C. And Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust The Medical Treatment Circumstances surrounding the claim arose on…


Case Report HH v West Cumberland Hospital – Negligent longer stay in Intensive Care

06 October 2020 The case related to unacceptable failures to respond to the Claimant’s deteriorating condition during the post-operative period…


£95,000 claimed for clinical negligence case in Bradford

David received £95,000 in compensation from the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust when the hospital failed to deactivate his…


Michael’s story: £15,000 Compensation for Negligent Surgical Repair of a Popliteal Aneurysm behind the knee

Our Client, Michael*, obtained £15,000 damages from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust after it performed substandard popliteal aneurysm repair surgery. Our…


Tracey’s story: £6,000 Compensation for Negligent Incisional Hernia Repair Surgery

Our specialist solicitor, Andrew Burford, obtained copies of the relevant medical records from the Defendant NHS Trust and GP. Having carefully…

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