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Clinical Negligence News

The latest LWR news in the Clinical Negligence field

Atlas of variation report indicates varying levels of care in the UK

A report commissioned by the NHS and Public Health England has identified a significant contrast in the availability of key healthcare services across the country, putting many patients lives at risk. The Atlas of Variation identifies where there is a disparity in the availability of NHS services around the country. The report is a ‘stock take’ of the 211 clinical commissioning... […]


5 signs you may be a victim of Clinical Negligence

We put a lot of trust in health care professionals to ensure that the medical care and treatment we receive is the best it can be, whatever illness or health issue we suffer. Sadly this isn’t always the case and when issues occur due to misdiagnosis, delayed treatment or surgical errors the results can be devastating and have an impact not... […]


Reduced chance of survival for hospital patients admitted on a weekend

A recently published report has found new evidence that suggests patients that are admitted to hospital on a weekend have a much less significant chance of survival than those admitted during the traditional working week. The study, lead by the NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh, analysed data from 15.9 million hospital admissions throughout 2013-2014 and highlighted that there was a... […]


Costly cancer misdiagnosis minimising chances of survival

An increase in cancer misdiagnosis is having a detrimental impact on patient’s chances of survival in the UK. Last year, the NHS spent almost £2 billion on unnecessary surgery, part of which was due to misdiagnosis. Last month, a 33 year-old mother died after her bone cancer was mistaken by her GP as an injury related to ‘over-exercising’. She initially reported... […]


Increase in GP Negligence blamed on ‘overworked’ doctors

Increasing GP workloads in the UK is having a detrimental effect on patient safety according to the Royal College of GPs (RCGP). In the past five years, the number of consultations has risen by almost 20%, far exceeding the growth in GPs, often meaning they work in excess of 11 hour days. The RCGP have suggested an additional 3,300 doctors are... […]


Retained surgical instruments

British hospitals are among the worst in the Western world for leaving surgical instruments in the body after surgery, international research has found. A report by the OECD shows that the UK has the sixth worst record for foreign bodies after surgery, with 5.5 cases per 100,000 people discharged from hospital. As such incidents are classed by the NHS itself as “never... […]


'Limited' NHS weekend service costing 6000 lives a year

The Government is preparing to push through legislation that would see more consultants work on weekends as they head towards making the NHS a seven-day service by 2020. A ‘Monday-to-Friday’ culture is being blamed for the loss of 6,000 lives each year in the UK. National Audit Office figures highlighted that 71% of extra work (on a Saturday/Sunday) was performed by... […]


Mistreated brain injury patients suffer lasting damage

There have been a number of recent reports involving the NHS highlighting medical negligence cases, that have had damaging repercussions for patients suffering from brain injuries in the UK. Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) is a term given to any brain injury sustained since birth. In 2013, 350,000 people in the UK were admitted to hospital with an ABI, which was an... […]