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Cancer patient given double the amount of radiation by inexperienced staff

A patient receiving treatment for a rare type of bone marrow cancer was mistakenly given twice the amount of radiation required for their therapy. Two inexperienced radiographers at Edinburgh Cancer Centre (operating from the Western General Hospital) had incorrectly measured the amount of radiation necessary for the unnamed patient. An internal report revealed the treatment, given in September 2015, was "100%... […]


Reduced chance of survival for hospital patients admitted on a weekend

A recently published report has found new evidence that suggests patients that are admitted to hospital on a weekend have a much less significant chance of survival than those admitted during the traditional working week. The study, lead by the NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh, analysed data from 15.9 million hospital admissions throughout 2013-2014 and highlighted that there was a... […]


'Limited' NHS weekend service costing 6000 lives a year

The Government is preparing to push through legislation that would see more consultants work on weekends as they head towards making the NHS a seven-day service by 2020. A ‘Monday-to-Friday’ culture is being blamed for the loss of 6,000 lives each year in the UK. National Audit Office figures highlighted that 71% of extra work (on a Saturday/Sunday) was performed by... […]


Breast cancer surgeon under investigation at Sunderland Hospital

Breast Cancer Surgery remains suspended at Sunderland Hospital after the consultant surgeon and his replacement were placed under investigation. The hospital can no longer provide a consultant-led service or take new referrals. Many patients being sent to other hospitals in the area for surgery including the RVI (Royal Victoria Infirmary) in Newcastle and Bishop Auckland General Hospital. A spokesman for the Hospital... […]


Are some hospitals “covering up” their mistakes?

It has been reported by the BBC that a fifth of Hospital Trusts in England may be covering up their mistakes, so suggests a Government review. 29 out of 141 Trusts were said to be not registering the expected number of safety incidents and this may be a sign of “poor” safety culture. The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, was quoted as saying that it was important Hospitals were “open and honest” and... […]


Older cancer patients in UK 'written off', charity warns

The UK and Ireland have lower survival rates for many common cancers than their European peers. Some cancer patients are being "written off" as too old for treatment, a charity has warned. Macmillan Cancer Support said too many patients were assessed just by their age and not their overall fitness. It comes as research looking at data from 1991-2010 suggests some 130,000... […]