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Employment Contracts

Although there is no legal obligation to have a written employment contract, every employee is entitled to a written statement of specific terms such as their start date, remuneration, intervals of pay, hours of work, job title etc and this must be provided within a fixed time after the commencement of their employment.

Whether or not in writing, a contract of employment of some sort will exist where there is an employer / employee relationship. Some terms will be set out in the written statement referred to earlier and some will be implied by law but the remainder is open to dispute. Therefore, the benefits to both employer and employee of full written terms of employment cannot be ignored.

We can assess your business and staff needs and resources with a view to providing an employment contract which best suits your circumstances. This can be anything from a basic statement of terms to a comprehensive contract and/or supplemental staff handbook.

Setting down the relationship in writing provides certainty for both employer and employee and should reduce the potential for dispute in the event difficulties arise as to any aspect of the employment relationship.

Just as a contract can provide clarity as to the relationship it also provides some protection to the employee. However, difficulties arise in business which can mean some adjustments to that contract are required. This scenario must be handled very carefully as a contract is an agreement between both parties that cannot be unilaterally altered.

We can assist and advise employers in this process and help create a framework to be followed so that the procedure is handled fairly and revisions can be agreed or imposed in the proper manner.

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