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Retained Placenta Claims

Retained placenta can often be described in records as retained products of conception.

Normally the whole of the placenta and the membranes that surround the baby should be delivered straightaway after the baby's birth.  Sometimes however, part of the placenta and membrane stay behind in a mother's uterus (womb).  When this happens, it is referred to as retained products of conception or retained placenta. 

Those caring for the mothers during childbirth such as midwifes and obstetricians know it is very important to check that all the products of conception are delivered, because if they are retained it can lead to bleeding and infection complications.  In serious cases, the mother may need surgery to remove the products of conception.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to detect that a small part of the placenta has been retained in the uterus, particularly when the baby has been born via a vaginal delivery. 

However, if a baby is born via caesarean section (particularly if this wasn't an emergency caesarean section), doctors should carefully inspect the inside of the uterus and can detect and remove any retained products of conception.

If retained products are not detected and removed at caesarean section, this may be inexcusable and you may have a claim. 

Clinical negligence cases are by their nature regarded as complex and in particular birth related injuries involve complex legal and medical issues.  It is very important that you do consult with a specialist clinical negligence solicitor and obtain the best advice and guidance from the outset.  Here, at Longden Walker and Renney, we have a specialist team of clinical negligence solicitors who can offer you professional and confidential advice. If you believe you have been the victim of negligent medical treatment,  contact us on 0191 5666500 or complete our short enquiry form.